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Why Grade With Ludkins?

We Are The Largest Non-Sports PSA Service In The World.

We are officially authorised by PSA to conduct this service.

Over 50,000 customer cards sent to PSA, with £3M in services rendered.
Save Time And Money

We service hundreds of customers across the UK, Europe and the US every month, allowing us to pass the savings that come with high volumes on to you. And we do all the work! There are no extensive forms to fill in or complicated hoops to jump through. Simply ship your cards securely with your name on the box and we do the rest. No membership fees, no hidden costs, and no hassle.
We Predict Your Grades

We give cards a thorough screening with an experienced grader and pass the estimated grade range on to you prior to shipment. Having this information allows you to make the best decision about which cards you want encapsulated by PSA. This highly popular service saves customers tens of thousands of dollars annually and helps prevent undesired grades.
Insurance Like No Other

Couriers will only insure you for the price you’ve paid for the card – with proof of purchase. However, our insurance upon return from PSA will be insured for its new current market graded value. No courier, PSA or other service offers this level of protection.

Zero Chance Of Mixing Up Cards

In the event of receiving the exact same card from multiple users, we split the orders up into submissions of around 100 to 200 cards. This means that PSA grade and ship separately so that there is no possible way of mixing up cards. We are the only service with enough volume to ensure this is how orders are processed.
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Zero Chance Of Mixing Up Cards
PSA Grading Service UK
Custom Secure Packaging & Custom Sleeve Protection

Custom Secure Packaging & Custom Sleeve Protection

Cards are shipped in custom-made boxes to PSA and from us back to you. These are double walled and fit perfectly for your cards for ultimate protection. We also place your cards in custom made graded card sleeves to ensure the PSA case doesn’t get scratched. (UK/EU Service only)
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