Why Sell With Ludkins Collectables?

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Why Sell With Ludkins Collectables?

Ludkins Collectables is one of the most well known TCG companies in the world. We have already established the worlds largest PSA grading service for non-sports cards, this means when people think of PSA graded Trading Cards, they also think - Ludkins. 

World Leading Company

We are an established company that is known globally for PSA graded trading cards. We receive thousands of enquires and have served thousands of customers in our industry. 

eBay Integration - Be in Two Places at Once

We are not here to compete with eBay. We are here to provide your PSA graded cards with maximum exposure with less fees, with Ludkins your cards can in fact be in two places at once without the worry of stock management between the two marketplaces. 

First and Only

Ludkins is the worlds first marketplace built for PSA graded trading cards. 

Paid Advertising

Each month we run several paid advertisements across multiple social media platforms to gain even more website traffic. Additionally we attend and maintain a booth in many TCG tournaments to promote the Ludkins brand. Lastly we also sponsor a Pokemon TCG player who attends league cups around the UK, attends most international events and in 2018, he attended and competed in the Pokemon World Championships.

Social Media

Our social media has thousands of followers and we run regular news posts and promotions. We also work closely with YouTubers with up to millions of subscribers both in and out of the TCG industry.


The Ludkins Collectables team are some of the most knowledgable people within the TCG hobby. This enables us to provide not only free content to our members but it ensures we extend our website reach even further to those seeking information they are unable to find elsewhere. Additionally, we hire exceptional writers to produce more content to extend our reach and value.

Security Features

We have implemented safety features to help protect you against buyer fraud. Such protections include:

1) Name, Last Name and email must match the the user's PayPal exactly. If it does not then the website restricts them from buying.

2) We are notified when a buyer's reputation falls below 95%, they are then monitored closely. If we spot similar patterns and/or we cross reference their names against the latest scammer list they will be swiftly removed.

3) The checkout system pings any buyer address to PayPal and this is binding, this means fraudulent buyers cannot put in claims for alternative addresses.

PayPal's terms and conditions still apply. However you'll be able to ship to a different address that doesn't appear on their PayPal.

4) Ludkins Collectables get involved after 48 hours of no contact between buyer and seller.

5) Website is PayPal only.

6) Ludkins Approved Seller grants security to those who are already established in the hobby and allows buyers know, that it truly is the same person.