USA Service Terms and Conditions

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USA Service Terms and Conditions

Hello and thank you for choosing Ludkins Collectables--the world’s largest PSA grading service. By using this service you automatically accept the terms and conditions outlined below and on our website including our privacy policy.

1 Submitting Your Cards

  • 1.1Please place your cards in brand new clean soft sleeves. Then place the sleeved cards in either toploaders or cardsavers. We ask that the user covers the toloader opening to secure the card in its toploader. Should the user send more than one card, cards should be bound together in piles with one piece of tape horizontally and vertically (See Page 10) or wrapped in paper or cling wrap. Sticky tabs on the soft sleeve are also preferred. Should the user tape the toploaders individually the sender may be charged additional fees for us to remove it carefully.
  • 1.2Please ensure that you send to us securely with adequate insurance to the address we provide.
  • 1.3Please notify when you send your item(s) and you must write your name and return address on the package.
  • 1.4Ludkins Collectables does not accept any responsibility for cards/items in transit to us nor upon signature. We provide recommendations on how to ship but it is solely the discretion of the sender whether they follow our instructions or use their own methods. Ludkins collectables is not liable for cards until after prescreening.
  • 1.5Cards must be delivered prior to the deadline for any given submission period. Cards delivered after the submission deadline will be placed on the next round of submissions.
  • 1.6Pre-screen will be conducted between 3 to 10 working days upon arrival.
  • 1.7Ludkins Collectables maintains a high standard of care when it comes to pre-screening. We take extreme care and thus will not be liable should the user claim any damage. Pre-screening identifies the condition of a card as we received it, so damage claims should be taken up with the postal service if it does not match the believed condition of the submitter.
  • 1.8 Failure to respond to prechecks within a timely manner may result in a delayed submission of your order.
  • 1.9Ludkins Collectables (USA) only accepts orders from outside of Europe. If a user attempts to send their cards to us from inside this zone, we will refuse the items at the border. The sender will be subject to any import duty in order to receive them back. Should they pass through the border legally, there will be a minimum charge of $60 to return the items back to you. Every effort will be taken to send the package both signed for and tracked but Ludkins Collectables will not be held responsible for any loss or damage.
  • 1.10 All submissions must be accompanied by the following information inside of the package: First name, Last name, email address, phone number.
  • 1.11The paperwork MUST be included in the package.
  • 1.12For our privacy policy please see:
  • 1.13We reserve the right to refuse any potential customer at our discretion.

2 Payments

2.1 Ludkins Collectables accepts PayPal as their only method of payment.

2.2 The user must make payment within one week of a submission deadline.

2.3 Should the user not have paid by this date we have the right to decline your order and retain your cards until the full pre-screen is paid for with return postage.

2.4 At our discretion we may decide to send your cards to PSA and delay your payment by 15 days.

2.5 Should you not pay 15 days after the deadline for any given month the user will incur a 10% charge based on the price of their total order.

2.6 If the client does not make payment after the 15 days then a 10% compound charge will be added every 15 days until the total payment is made. If the payment has not been made within 90 days then the cards/items will be sold to reclaim any fees and charges outstanding. Any remaining money will be sent back to the client.

2.7 PSA reserves the right to levy additional fees to customers based on the assessed value of the package. In the event that additional fees are levied, submitters to Ludkins Collectables are responsible for paying all additional fees assessed for their own cards. 2.8 Notice of additional fees will be presented by Ludkins Collectables to the submitter as soon as Ludkins Collectables is made aware of them. Seven days after the initial notice, a secondary notice will be issues. 21 days after the initial notice to pay additional fees, Ludkins Collectables reserves the right to issue a 5% fee, compounding monthly, on the total outstanding bill.

2.9 Failure to pay a balance due of any sort for 12 months is a voluntary forfeiture of the submission to Ludkins Collectables.

3 Loss of Package/insurance

3.1 We are not responsible for items in transit from the client to us. This responsibility falls on the client only.

3.2 In the event of loss in transit, all clients may be asked to provide proof of receipt to show the insurer what is owed.

3.3 The current market value is determined by the average of the last 3 cards sold on eBay. Should there not be 3 recent sales then an independent valuation by an official third party dealer/trader who is recognised as an expert in the marketplace for this type of product will value said product(s). If no valuation is available the user is insured for the purchase price with proof of receipt.