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Seller Protection

Sell with confidence

Ludkins Collectables provides all buyers and sellers protection through the means of PayPal, this is the same level of protection as other leading marketplaces. Credit cards and debits cards are accepted but they are also processed through PayPal.

Ludkins Collectables have included features within our services, such as:

1) A reputation system.

2) Ludkins Approved Sellers/Buyers (for those that are personally known or trusted)

3) Report an item/buyer

4) Customer Care

5) We've maintained the rights to ban buyers

6) Maintained the right to return an item (within the legal requirements)

7) PayPal payment protection

8) SSL website security

How does PayPal protect me as a seller?

PayPal Seller Protection protects eligible sellers against losses due to buyer claims, credit card chargebacks and reversals resulting from unauthorised activity. To be eligible for Seller Protection, you must comply with the full terms and conditions listed in the policy.