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Winning Bid - $54,200 1st Edition Base Set Booster Box

When we think Pokemon cards, we primarily think of the original Base Set, which boasted 102 cards and featured some of our favourite characters; Pikachu, Squirtle and of course the iconic holographic Charizard. If only we knew back then, that a lot of these cards and sealed products would be worth a fortune 18 years on. Everything is always easier in hindsight. 

When I use the term “fortune” I do not use it lightly, I’m not talking about the LAD Bible or FHM examples of fortune that we see around in frequent click bait articles, this is the real McCoy, legitimate and accurate figures!

Due to its limited print the 1st Edition Base Set is worth the most and is now the most sought after. A recent auction on Heritage Auctions saw a complete PSA 10 graded set sell for $106,000!

No one has seen a public sale of the original 1st Edition Base Set booster box for more than two years until last week (24th Sept 2017) when one went up for public auction on eBay. A few hours ago that auction ended. For those of us watching from the side-lines we saw a bidding war take place; resulting in just four unique bidders towards the end until the auction time ran out. The sealed box sold for a record breaking $54,200 USD or £40,398 GBP.

This is incredibly significant for the Pokemon market because we are seeing incredible heights from the $54,000+ sale of the BGS Charizard and PSA 10 Charizards of $19,000. This is a clear indicator that many collectors and outside investors with the capital want a valuable part of history or an expensive piece of their childhood.

Ludkins Collectables congratulates the winner.

We will be doing a follow up article or two in the weeks to come.

- Barney Ludkins