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The Search for Suicune - Legends Of Johto-GX Premium Collection

Many Pokémon fans were left equally excited and disappointed when the first of our “Year of Legendary Pokémon” TCG product was announced, the beautiful Legends of Johto GX Collection.

Contained inside the box, releasing in English language regions on April 6th, is;

  • A brand new Raikou-GX promo
  • An alternate art promo of Entei-GX from Shining Legends
  • A foil jumbo promo of “Raikou, Entei, and Suicune” (in the same style as the old Wizards of the Coast “Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos” jumbo.)
  • A Suicune pin
  • A Suicune coin
  • Six booster packs
  • A PTCGO code card

Legends of Johto GX Collection Pokemon TCG Raikou Entei GX

It doesn't take a Team Rocket scientist to realise the glaring omission of a Suicune-GX from the box, especially considering that his Johto legendary trio pals Raikou and Entei have their own cards in the box, and Suicune features prominently on the front as well as on the the jumbo card.

Its hard to say exactly which of the three legendary dogs are the most popular amongst fans, but considering that Nintendo recently re-released Pokémon Crystal as a download title on the 3DS e-shop, in which Suicune is the main character on the box art and in the story, it makes his omission as a new GX card from the collection box even more bizarre.

At least Suicune fans can take some solace in the fact that they get a beautiful coin and pin badge of their favourite Pokémon, and that he takes center stage on the jumbo card.

As many long-time followers of the TCG will know, this isn't the first time that Suicune has been relegated to the background.

In 2012 set Black & White: Dark Explorers, both Raikou and Entei got modern-style EX cards, as well as beautiful full arts, all in the same set. Not a sniff of Suicune to be seen, which is incredibly strange considering his popularity.

Raikou EX Entei EX Pokemon TCG Cards Full Art

To this day we've yet to have a modern-style Suicune-EX or Suicune-GX, with his only main-set appearance in recent years being an underwhelming holo rare card in XY BREAKpoint, and as one half of the XY Trainer Kit: Pikachu Libre & Suicune two-player starter kit, which was a welcome appearance for the water-type legendary.

My theory is that TPCI will obviously know how popular Suicune is, and his omission from April's Legends of Johto GX Collection will be on purpose. As this is the “Year of Legendary Pokémon” I highly expect to see him get his own basic GX collection box in the style of Bewear-GX and Kommo-O-GX, where it'll be four packs, a promo card, and jumbo card.

I also believe (pure speculation) that because the Entei-GX promo in this collection box has the same text as the one from Shining Legends, that both Raikou-GX and a potential Suicune-GX card will receive full art and hyper rare prints in a later set this year. This would follow a similar pattern that occurred with Xurkitree-GX and some of his Ultra Beast friends where they received prints as promos first, before being released as full art and hyper rare variants in Ultra Prism.


As a side note it's exciting to see that two of the four booster packs featured in this box are both from our May set Sun & Moon: Forbidden Light. This would be highly strange as the collection box is released on April 6th, but would definitely ensure the boxes would be popular as it would give both players and collectors a chance to pick up packs from the new set almost a month early.

Most likely this is a placeholder image and the packs will primarily be Ultra Prism and Crimson Invasion, but it would be highly amusing to see the reception and the community comments if the box does contain early Forbidden Light packs!

Gotta Catch 'Em All!

Stephen Kent - Ludkins Collectables