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Sale Confirmed! $10,100 for Shiny Charizard GX BGS 10 Black Label

We have just received official confirmation that an SV49 Charizard GX from Hidden Fates has been paid for!

The Beckett Pristine 10 Black Label sold on eBay for $10,100 USD on September 1st 2019. The black label means the card is flawless, resulting in Beckett providing its most prestigious label – the Black Label.

Many may have already noticed that the card had been sold, but we never consider a sale is genuine until payment has been made. Many speculated whether the sale was a shill bid or whether the buyer would, in fact, make payment. Tim (the seller) reached out confirming, after waiting for two days the payment has now been made for the item. 

We also asked the seller if we could obtain further insight about the card.

The subset Hidden Fates was released on August 23rd 2019, and at the time booster packs could only be found within Pin Collection Boxes. The seller, pulled the Charizard in the first booster pack, ecstatic he then went on to open another 59 packs without any luck. Not surprising considering the one in 350 pull rate.

Tim has a friend who lives close to Beckett. Being impatient, he asked his friend to place the card on a 2-day turnaround at the $50 rate. As a gift for his friend, he gave him Giovanni’s Exile and the two cards were graded together on the same tier. The other card received a grade 10 but not the elusive black label because one of the subcategories received a 9.5.

While the buyer does not want to be revealed, it should be noted that Tim had several big names offer up to $13,000 as a private sale. He declined all private offers because he wanted to try his luck on a public auction, allowing the world to see the sale visually.

We congratulate Tim on the sale and thank him for his insight.


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