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Return to Kalos! - NEW GX Pokemon from Forbidden Light!

Our next English Pokémon TCG set Forbidden Light is still a few months away, but we now know the identities of the eight main GX Pokémon that will feature!

Released in English language regions on May 4th 2018, Forbidden Light features cards from Japan's SM5+ and SM6 sets, and includes six brand new GX Pokémon, as well as a few other surprises.

Following on from the Sinnoh-themed Ultra Prism, Forbidden Light Pokémon and Trainer cards are primarily those seen in the XY series of games. Lets take a look at the new GX Pokémon!


It wouldn't be a Kalos-themed set without the inclusion of the two main legendary Pokémon, Yveltal and Xerneas. Many might argue that we've seen a lot of these Pokémon during the XY series, with the same Yveltal-EX receiving a whopping five different prints, but many other fans will just be as happy to see these returning favourites.

The artwork on Xerneas-GX in particular really pops out and holds its own amongst other basic-type GX cards. Let's just hope we don't see Yveltal-GX reprinted four times on this occasion!


Surprising absolutely no-one is the inclusion of a Greninja-GX card in a Kalos themed set. Japanese fans in 2016 voted Greninja as the most popular Pokémon character, and even was made a playable character in Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo Wii U.

It doesn't come as a surprise that Chesnaught was overlooked this set but it was quite strange to see Delphox omitted as a GX and being printed as only a normal rare card in Forbidden Light. Greninja's popularity (and notoriety in some circles) remains long after the XY-era has ended and will be the likely chase Pokémon card for kids and collectors alike.

Zygarde-GX will also be a popular inclusion in Forbidden Light, as well as the normal art cards featuring his 10%, 50% and 100% formes. Alongside having beautiful artwork, being a basic-type (along with Xerneas-GX and Yveltal-GX) will make him desirable for newer players of the TCG. For fans of the anime, Zygarde's best-friend Bonnie also makes an appearance as a trainer card in the set!


Very strongly resembling Yu-Gi-Oh! monsters are the last two brand-new GX Pokémon in Forbidden Light, Ultra Necrozma-GX and Naganadel-GX.

Fans of the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon video games will instantly recognise these Ultra Beast Pokémon. Whilst they might not be the most popular amongst traditional Pokémon collectors, they still have striking artwork and will be very sought-after by younger players especially.

We finish the article on what I feel is a slightly sour point for the Pokémon TCG after a couple exemplary sets for collectors. You might have do a double-take looking at these Palkia-GX and Dialga-GX cards thinking that you have seen these before. You are partly correct!


These cards feature THE EXACT SAME artworks as their counterparts from Ultra Prism, however they are unique in the fact in that they are water and metal types respectively, instead of their dragon typing from Ultra Prism.

Whilst this might be exciting for those that play the TCG, it feels extremely lazy from Pokémon Card Laboratory that they couldn't of at least given these Sinnoh favourites new artworks. Their inclusion also feels that much stranger in a XY-themed set which already includes multiple legendary Pokémon.

I hope this is a one-off for Forbidden Light, as I would hate (as both a collector and a player) to have the same GX cards take spaces away from new Pokémon in future sets to come.

Although it's not confirmed, we also highly expect the Lucario-GX box promo card to be available as a full art and hyper rare in Forbidden Light, following on from similar patterns seen with the Ultra Beast box promos and other cards such as Tapu Bulu-GX.

As a whole I am looking forward to Forbidden Light, but due to the lack of popular early generation Pokémon GX, and not a single new Alolan Pokémon GX (Marowak and Dugtrio still MIA), I can't see this set being as popular for casual collectors and Pokémon fans as say Ultra Prism or Burning Shadows. I hope to be proven wrong once we've seen all the secret rares and full art cards!


Stephen Kent - Ludkins Collectables Pro Player

(If you'd like to see all the upcoming Japanese cards and the translations of their text, vist the Limitless TCG website )