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REPORT: Asmodee UK Has All Ultra Prism Prerelease Product Stolen

WARNING: If you are located in the United Kingdom and discover abnormally cheap Prerelease materials for sale, please contact Asmodee at the contact information provided below as it is likely related to the theft of all UK Prerelease materials.

17 January 2018

Asmodee, the trading name for Esdevium Games Ltd., has reported that the entirety of their first wave Prerelease product has been stolen. Asmodee is the sole distributor of Pokemon Prerelease products to the UK. Below is the original email sent to event organizers.

In addition to the email sent to organizers directly, Asmodee has corroborated the story on their website where it is more publicly accessible. The information here says that product “has been stolen in transit to Asmodee UK,” implying this is not a warehouse security issue and petty theft but a much bigger criminal ordeal. Current organizer estimations of the extent of the theft place it at “easily over 1,000 total kits,” according to an anonymous organizer who wishes to not be named. Additionally, Asmodee includes on their website the extensive list of affected stores.

This extremely unfortunate incident, combined with inclement weather in the United States, is forcing the delay and cancellation of all first wave Ultra Prism prereleases in the UK. No UK stores have any product in stock and will not be able to access product through standard TPCi distribution methods before the scheduled Prerelease.

Below is all available contact information for Asmodee UK. If you notice any unusual product availability, Asmodee asks that you please contact them and share that information so that it may be incorporated into their official investigation.

-Charlie Hurlocker



Unit 6, Waterbrook Road

Alton, Hampshire

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01420 593593