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Rarest Pokemon Merchandise Ever? It Just Might Be...

You've heard of error cards. Perhaps you've even heard of error packs and boxes. But you most likely have not heard of error merchandise. So what if I told you that not only does it exist, but one of the rarest examples in Pokemon history is up for sale right now?

Mind = Blown

Recently, a committed collector took luck to the next level and ran into pure gold.

Wow. You're at a loss for words but we understand. The odds of pulling an Ultra Rare in a booster pack is 1 in 3. Can you imagine the odds of pulling this uncanny, cheesy replica puff from a bag? We can't. It is fair to say that this is likely the rarest Pokemon item in existence right now.

Despite being the true rarest item around, the asking price is still less than Heritage Auction's ending bid for a PSA 9 Pikachu Illustrator. And that has more than 30 copies in circulation. If you consider that modern Ultra Rare cards like Shaymin EX FA can peak at values of $80.00 per copy with millions in print, the asking price for this exquisite treasure is cheap. A steal, even.

We here at Ludkins Collectables are excited to be able to share the excitement with the rest of the Pokemon community over the sale of what will go down in history as the world's most sought after Pokemon merchandise.

'til next time,
Charlie Hurlocker