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Pokemon's Seemingly Beautiful Prerelease Energy Boxes Disappoint

Last October, an email went out to Professors that changes were coming to Prerelease packages. I wrote about the changes to the STAFF promos at the time. One other change was the introduction of a mandatory basic energy box purchase with every kit of Prerelease boxes. And one of our favorite leagues just got theirs in. I’m not a fan of squeezing an already struggling aspect of the hobby for easy cash but at least the boxes were going to look cool, right?


Pokemon created a beautiful ten seconds of buzz in the collecting community when people saw the first pictures of the basic energy boxes. They were beautiful! And the boxes could almost certainly be resold as a collectible box for at least what they cost. A true break even that benefits the collectors. When they arrived and people realized they were just sleeves over the top of the same energy box Pokemon has always had available for sale, people were pissed.

And with good reason. This is a cheap shot. The energies inside are still just simple, basic energies. The same ones that almost nobody needs more of. So the box exterior having some inherent value would have at least been a way to pull the punches before impact. 

There was a brief moment where we thought the code that was included might be interesting. After all, Pokemon the Card Game Online (PTCGO) already has unlimited basic energies available to every user.

So we plugged it in.

And got this! :D


They’re actually basic energies. Wow. And just to make sure they sprinkled a little insult on top of our injury, the energies inside are unsorted.

Really, I applaud Pokemon this time. Organizers are used to Pokemon going out of their way to ignore urgent contact requests, strip benefits from the only program that keeps the competitive game alive, and ignore every consumer of the product that isn’t a random 8-year old child at a Walmart checkout lane. The product is a dud. So don’t get your hopes up. And to the stores and organizers who will likely amass a huge number of these over time as you are forced to keep purchasing them: I am truly sorry for your plight.

‘til next time,

Charlie Hurlocker