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PayPal Account Frozen For Buying A Pokemon Card!

It's not click bait guys, this actually happened.

I've been in Pokemon social media groups for some years now. It's a great way to build and get to know the community, but it's not without it's downfalls and can sometimes resemble a soap opera! - yes, the Pokemon community has drama. *face palm*  

A lot can happen in these groups, and no surprise with so many members but I thought I had seen it all; that was until I stumbled across this particular post. In a nutshell, the member's PayPal account was frozen because he purchased a single Pokemon card.  I bet you're wondering what the heck was the card? At this point, I'd be thinking it was something incredibly expensive or was a brand new PayPal account. It was neither.

The buyer used the word "*******"  and PayPal turned into Mr. Freeze!

At the time I was considering blogging about Pokemon, and I thought it would be a great story to cover. Pre-empting my blogging days, I asked him if he could provide a little more detail and share with me exactly what had happened. He happily obliged.

When he realized his account was frozen he was naturally concerned. With it being a group transaction his initial reaction was to ask the seller and contact one of the admins to see if something like this has happened before. Needless to say, it hadn't! 

So what was this mysterious and controversial card? It was a £4.00 Dark Persian Holo from the Legendary Collection!!! Huh?! What?! 


So what was Paypal playing at?  

When you send money via PayPal you have the option to add a note to say what the money is for etc. Having the note section is incredibly helpful at times but on this occasion, it was enough to put the transaction on hold. 

The note simply read: "Persian legendary collection." 

Outrageous, shocking...oh wait, hang on....that's not bad.

Disgruntled and wanting to complete the purchase, I can only imagine the frustration of wanting his PayPal back in action. After a few emails back and forth between buyer and PayPal, he was none the wiser, so he took to the phone. He explained the situation and Paypal said: "It might have been flagged up due to it thinking you were buying and selling cats." WHAT?!

Where is this clause stating members cannot sell animals via their service? Hoping that curiosity wouldn't kill the cat I too decided to give them a call. Unfortunately, the cat had got this guys tongue because he couldn't answer the question and I couldn't obtain any information via email. (that's enough of the cat puns for meow, I'm feline ill) 

One of the emails PayPal had sent asked the buyer to: ***Please explain your reference to "Persian." His response:

After a good laugh over the misunderstanding and a few more hours waiting; finally, his PayPal was unlocked.

At long last, the Persian was his. Perrrrrrrfect!

By Barney Ludkins