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NEW BIDOOF?! - Top 5 Non-GX Card Arts From Unified Minds!

Prerelease events for our biggest set of all time, Unified Minds, begin this weekend. With 236 cards (plus secret rares) it will be tough to pull your favourite GX from just a couple booster packs, so lets take a closer look at five of the coolest non-GX card arts to collect from the set!

5 – Honchkrow

Popular Pokémon TCG arist Tomokazu Komiya returns with his trademark pastel-art style on this stunning Honckrow card. Recently Komiya illustrated the Sharpedo from Unbroken Bonds, and the bizarre-looking Eevee & Snorlax-GX alternate art promo.

In a scene not amiss from Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven, or a similar book or horror movie, Honchkrow observes a flock of other unknown Pokémon underneath the moon. Very classy art, would love to get this framed as a large canvas painting!

4 – Gible

Asako Ito's yarn-styled Pokémon are possibly some of the most recognisable cards, and this latest offering, Gible, definitely does not disappoint her fans!

As well as the great detail on Gible itself, I love how Ito used the rocks from the cave infront, and behind Gible to give the card a much more 3D-look than some of her other works have. There is a new Garchomp in this set that might see competitive play in the future, so definitely worth picking up this card for more than one reason!

3 – Bidoof

Bidoof is often seen as more of a comedy or meme Pokémon in recent years, but that doesn't stop this card from looking awesome! Draw by newer Pokémon TCG artist Sukio, this card is definitely up there with the best ones they have done so far.

Bidoof, who is inspired by beavers, is seen gathering wood for his latest dam, when all of a sudden he spots a berry floating past. Simple and stunning card, with a very minimalistic but effective background.

2 – Lapras

There's so much to love about this Lapras card, illustrated by Kagemaru Himeno, who has been working on the Pokémon TCG ever since the original Jungle set.

I might even have to go as far an say it might be the best Lapras art we've ever had. Having the splashing, playful Lapras dominating most of the art is appreciated, but then adding the rainbow and an awesome cameo by Misty, wraps it up into one very sweet little package.

As a side note – I also love how the Ability on the card let's you keep finding the Misty's Favour card over and over again, really matches up nicely with the art on the card. Potentially will see some play in the Slowpoke & Psyduck-GX deck.

1 – Pikachu

I probably should of put Lapras at number one in this list of best non-GX card arts from Unified Minds, but many of you know that I'm a massive Pikachu fan, and I definitely LOVE everything about this card illustrated by newer artist Misa Tsutsui.

I would even go as far to put it up with my Top 5 favourite Pikachu card arts of all time (new article idea??). The stunning use of a variety of beautifully contrasting colours, the pure joy on Pikachu's face as he plays in the moonlit meadow, makes for such a gorgeous card.

I have absolutely no shame in naming this stunning Pikachu my favourite card art from Sun & Moon: Unified Minds!

Unified Minds prerelease events start this weekend (July 20th 2019) and go on for two weeks before the set rerelease on August 2nd. Find your local events here:



Stephen Kent – Ludkins Pro Player