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Letter from the Editor - Regarding Living Documentation


I’m Charlie. If you frequent Ludkins Collectables articles or have done much research into English Pokemon cards, you probably recognize my name or one of the many articles I’ve written. If you don’t recognize me or haven’t read anything of mine, I’m pleased to make your acquaintance. In all of my articles, I’ve written about the cards but I’ve never written about writing about cards. This short piece is going to talk about one angle of that and also bring a few of them back to the spotlight.

Pokemon is a living hobby. Every day the community collectively makes new discoveries and uncovers new information from within itself. This makes writing about the cards a humbling experience because every day you can find out that you were wrong. Whether it be new information, new perspectives, or new discoveries altogether, at any point something can come along that calls into question statements a writer has previously made with certainty.

How do writers handle this? It is an unfortunate reality of the immaturity of Pokemon that in many cases, writers of false information either became defensive and refused to change or removed the articles altogether. Big names in this hobby have deleted or archived articles they wrote, left information intentionally vague, or been intentionally misleading about ownership, value, and other factors in order to hype their own egos or create the illusion that they know everything all the time. But I’m calling for more transparency.

When it comes to Pokemon, learning is to be done together. And things done together require a degree of trust. If we cannot trust each other to admit our faults in our articles then we cannot trust each other’s information at all. Evolving articles are not a sign of weakness. Rather, evolving articles are a sign of historical veracity and trustworthiness.

Today, I want to call attention to all of the articles that I’ve made adjustments to in the past year. Most of these are because information has been added or fine-tuned. I hope that this will do a few things. First, I want this to be a moment of rediscovery where those who have enjoyed my articles before can brush up on their knowledge and experience them again. Second, I want this to be a moment for new people unfamiliar with my work get the opportunity to discover the deep wealth of knowledge available to them. Follow the links and get lost in new information. Third, and most importantly, I want this to be a permanent example of what it means to humbly pursue documentation. It is only when we hold our historians and community leaders to high expectations of humility that we collectively achieve the best knowledge available at any given time. Come to expect humility in writing and you will find egoism intolerable. I hope to set a new standard for article writing in the Pokemon TCG.

‘til next time,

Charlie Hurlocker


Article: Dragon Frontiers - The Deckbox that Shouldn’t Exist

Changes: NUANCE MATTERS! “Boasted” changed to “recalled” to more accurately convey the intent of Krekeler’s statement. Noted that the hold-up on production was specifically a slow passage through customs. Wording changed to make more clear that this was not a usual occurrence.

Article: But can they see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch promos?

Changes: Edited to acknowledge the additional types of General Mills cereals that included the promos following the original Cinnamon Toast Crunch release. Photo added that covers all missing types except Honey Nut Cheerios.

Article: Bulk is Dead

Changes: Acknowledge a major Amazon seller left the market creating some of the noted ripples in prices and stock fluctuations with other major buyers/sellers.

Article: The Silver Bible: The Path to Japanese Pokemon TCG Enlightenment

Changes: Incorporated a Neo poster that was included with some Silver Bibles as a preorder reward.