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Holy Arceus?! - Top 7 Arts from Sun & Moon: Forbidden Light

Golden dragons, a demonic ring, and an extremely mournful Cubone feature amongst our Top 7 card artworks/arts from Sun & Moon: Forbidden Light. Lets take a closer look at these beautiful cards from the May 4th 2018 English Pokémon TCG expansion!

Sylveon Forbidden Light

7 - Sylveon 87/131

The many Eevee fans out there will be thrilled to see our first non-GX/EX Eeveelution set card since the Gen 1 trio of Flareon, Vaporeon and Jolteon came out in XY Ancient Origins almost three years ago. 

Featuring a nice simple 2D-style art of Sylveon with a pink moon in the background, this is a must-have for Eevee collectors. It is a bit surprising however that there is no basic Eevee in this set in which you can evolve into this Sylveon! 

Xerneas GX Forbidden Light

6 - Xerneas-GX 139/131 (Hyper Rare)

If any Pokémon ever deserved a hyper rare it would have to be Xerneas, and this card sits right up there with other recent stunning hyper rares including the promo Ho-Oh-GX and Tapu Lele-GX.

I was never a fan of the earlier rainbow-style ultra rare cards from the Sun & Moon series, but with other beautiful hyper rares such as the likes of the Ultra Necrozma-GX and Lucario-GX also in this set, they are slowly growing on me.

Arceus Prism Star

5 - Arceus Prism Star 96/131

From all the way back when the Platinum Arceus set came out, cards featuring everyone's favourite Pokémon god have been amazing to look at, and this Arceus Prism Star from Forbidden Light is no exception. 

It was hard to choose between this and Diancie for the Prism Star card to include on this list, however the pose and use of colour for this card is beautiful, and not just fans of Arceus will want to have this creator Pokémon in their binder!

Greninja-GX Forbidden Light

4 - Greninja GX 120/131 (Full Art)

Voted the most popular Pokémon by Japanese fans in 2016, it is no surprise to see Greninja getting a GX card in this Kalos-themed set. As well as being a powerful card, the pose and use of colours on the full-art (as well as the regular art) Greninja-GX is stunning, and this will be highly sought-after by kids, collectors and players alike.

Beast Ring Secret Rare Forbidden Light TCG

3 - Beast Ring 141/131 (Secret Rare)

As many would know that have seen the full-art golden trainers in person, they are truly beautiful to look at and Beast Ring is no exception. It's such a simple design, but the demonic-looking red device that instantly powers up your Ultra Beast Pokémon, makes for an amazing gold trainer card, and was a close pick ahead of the equally shiny Mysterious Treasure secret rare card.


2 - Cubone 57/131

It would of been easy to have found seven beautiful secret, hyper and full art rare cards for this list, but after seeing this card whilst sorting through piles of commons from Forbidden Light, I knew I had to include it.

Cubone has a history of great and equally tear-jerking artworks throughout the history of the Pokémon TCG, and this one is no exception. A beautifully drawn Cubone looking mournfully towards a cloud resembling his dead mother (Marowak!), with an even more gorgeous background, makes this one of my favourite non-GX arts for a Pokémon card in many years. 


1 - Ultra Necrozma-GX 127-131 (Full Art)

I was immediately blown away when I saw this card being opened from an early Forbidden Light booster box on YouTube, mistaking it for one of the gold secret rare Pokémon-GX cards from Ultra Prism. This card is by far one of the most incredibly stunning full-art GX's we've seen in the past two years. 

The picture really doesn't do the card justice, Ultra Necrozma-GX really shines and pops out of the card when you see one in person. As well as it being an amazing card to look at, it's also the most powerful new GX Pokémon from the set, so this card alongside it's hyper rare version, will be two of the most sought-after cards from Forbidden Light. 


Honorable Mention! - Dedenne 88/131

When thinking of art from Forbidden Light, this was one of the first cards that popped into my head for a number of reasons! I really wanted to include it in my Top 7, but I also didn't at the same time. This chubby-cheeked pastel Dedenne deserves it's own unique place on this list! 

Agree or disagree with my Top 7? Is this one of the best Pokémon TCG sets we've had, art-wise, for a long time? Let us know on the Ludkins Collectables Facebook Page!


Stephen Kent ~ Ludkins Pro Player