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Full Art Pokémon X Trainer Cards?! - Dream League SM11b

Japan's August 2019 set, Dream League, has been partially revealed and for the first time on main-set cards, famous trainers are partnering up with their Pokémon on non-GX cards! Let's take a closer look at the three revealed, and predict some of the others that might be included!

SM11b Dream League is fully released on August 2nd, and as well as the exciting prospect of a Solgaleo & Lunala-GX Tag Team card, it's been recently revealed that these stunning new secret rare cards featuring non-GX, basic Pokémon and their famous trainers, will be a part of the Japanese set.

What makes these cards so unique, beautiful artwork aside, is that apart from the popular Red's Pikachu promo released exclusively in Japan last year, we've not had normal Pokémon cards featuring trainers, or even full art versions of non-GX Pokémon in recent sets. 

The most recent example I can think of is the full art Jirachi from the Best of XY collection box released just before Christmas 2017, and the gorgeous full art Pikachu card with the Nuzzle attack from the Generations set the year before that.

Piplup (featuring Dawn) and Mimikyu (featuring Acerola) are both expected to be in the main Dream League set and obtainable from booster packs. Many sources are saying that the Clefairy (featuring Lillie) will be an exclusive promo card only obtainable from buying boxes of the set in Japan.

Now on to predicting some of the potential nine other full art cards in the set. The only thing the three Pokémon above have in common is that they are basics, and based on other cards in the set we can make some relatively strong guesses to which the others might be.

Dream League also contains two new GX Pokémon, Vileplume-GX and Silvally-GX. These both notably have their famous trainers Erika and Gladion in the backgrounds, so there is a good chance that we will see full art versions of Oddish and Type: Null in the set with the aforementioned trainers.

Steelix has been confirmed, so the likelihood of a full-art Onix card featuring Brock is likely. A new Pikachu is confirmed also, but it will remain to be seen whether a potential full-art version with feature gym leader Lt. Surge, or original video game trainer Red, partnering Pikachu.

We've only touched upon seven of the potential 12 full-art Pokémon, without a full set list it would be harder to predict further, but it looks to be that they are keen on chosing a mix of trainers from different generations with the inclusion of Dawn, and not just focusing on Gen 1, and the latest Sun & Moon series.

I am super, super excited to see more of these full art Pokémon revealed. As primarily a player of the Pokémon TCG, the prospect of getting to use beautiful full art Pokémon cards that stand out on the battlefield, truly excites me.

Let's all just hope that when the majority of the cards from Dream League drop in our English set this November,   Cosmic Eclipse, they aren't too tough to pull from the booster packs, and that some will also be released in collection/promo boxes. It would be a shame for these to be £20+ each, which would be likely if they are secret rares in another HUGE  set that contains 230+ cards.


Stephen Kent ~ Ludkins Pro Player