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Cosmic Eclipse Pokemon Prerelease Promo Cards!

Prerelease events for the final Sun & Moon set, Cosmic Eclipse, start this Friday in stores and Pokémon League locations around the world. Let's take a closer look at these final four special SM prerelease promo cards, Blacephalon, Phione, Entei and Buzzwole!

Ever since XY Fates Collide in 2016, Pokémon have had the same format with prerelease events, where players and fans of the game can attend the events and get one of four special prerelease promo cards in the exclusive "Build & Battle" boxes (also known as prerelease kits/boxes).

As the sun sets on the Sun & Moon era of the TCG, we've got four awesome cards for our final set, Cosmic Eclipse. Let's take a closer look at these fantastic four, ranked in order of my least favourite to favourite, based on artwork and the general "coolness factor" of the card.

Blacephalon - SM221 Promo

I've been a fan of the Ultra Beast Pokémon Blacephalon over the past few years, due to its extroverted and colourful design, and how strong its various iterations have been with the competitive side of the TCG.

However this promo card falls short for me on the collectable/coolness side of the scale. Despite potentially being a powerful card for psychic decks, I feel the artwork is far superior on the regular set one we'll get in Cosmic Eclipse. It will still be one players will be excited to get hold of I'm sure.

Buzzwole - SM218 Promo

It's quite fitting that two of the final four prerelease cards in the Sun & Moon era are both Ultra Beasts as they have been such a prominent part of the Pokéverse the past three years.

Buzzwole, arguably the most popular Ultra Beast among fans, thankfully has a lot nicer artwork than the Blacephalon mentioned above. Buzzwole looks striking smashing the ground in this card. It's not as strong as Blacephalon as a playable tournament card, but might see some play in some grass decks as a late-game finisher.

Phione - SM220 Promo

It's fantastic to see Phione get a bit more attention in the TCG, as often he's overshadowed by his water cousin Manaphy. The artwork on this arguably my favourite of the four promos, and like with the Lapras from Unified Minds it features an awesome water/rainbow combo with Phione front and centre of the card.

As a player, this Phione is possibly the one I'm most excited for. Although we have no easy way to search out basic Pokémon outside of Pokémon Communication, the ability to gust out one of your opponents Pokémon repeatedly throughout the game seems to powerful to sleep on. Definitely one for the future.

Entei - SM219 Promo

It was hard to pick between Entei and Phione for my number one prerelease promo from Cosmic Eclipse, but the Gen 2 Legendary Beast just pips the Mythical Pokémon. It's not the most playable of cards, but it makes up for that in spades.

The artwork is arguably one of my favourites we've had on an Entei card in recent years, especially as Entei-GX was quite a disappointment to me. I love when you can see most of a Pokémon in a card, and Entei is centred perfectly and looks striking in front of the erupting volcanos in the background. I'm definitely going to get my Staff version of this card PSA graded!

Prerelease (sneak peek) events for Cosmic Eclipse start worldwide on October 19th and allow you to collect and play with cards from the new set two weeks early, before the official launch on November 2nd.

Find your local prerelease events here: https://www.Pokéémon/Pokémon-ev...


Stephen Kent - Ludkins Editor