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Cosmic Eclipse is our BIGGEST Pokemon TCG Set of All Time!

Pokémon this week revealed the first details for our HUGE November TCG set, Cosmic Eclipse. Containing 236 cards (plus secret rares), it is the largest English TCG set of all time, and features full art Pokémon CHL cards, a new Charizard Tag Team card, and much more! Lets take a sneak preview at these first cards.

It shocked many of us to see Pokémon release full scans of cards from our November 1st set, Cosmic Eclipse, almost two months before the official launch. With many collectors focusing on Hidden Fates (and the hunt for the shiny Charizard-GX) it is a welcome distraction to look forward to our final Sun & Moon series set of cards.

Mimikyu & Piplup

The biggest announcement in the press release was the inclusion of the full art CHL (Character Holo Rare) cards that were first included in Japan's SM11b Dream League set earlier this month. Despite many collectors being annoyed with the change from white to yellow borders for this English release, it's good to know they are getting a release outside of Japan.

As well as them being just plain gorgeous, for the first time since the Jirachi promo was released in 2017's Premium Trainer's XY Collection Box, these are the first Pokémon TCG cards in English to be “full art”, as in the art covers the majority of the card. With many of them (including my best buddy Pikachu) being good tournament cards, I'm super excited to get my hands on these.

I just hope that even though they are in the “secret rare” slots in the set, that because there is 12 of them included, that they will be sharing reverse holo spots in the booster packs, similar to Prism Stars and the SV (Shiny Vault) cards in Hidden Fates. Thus this makes them a ton easier to pull.

Tag Team Supporters

We also got to see English scans of two of our first Tag Team Supporter trainer cards. Now while these both have tons of potential in game, it is incredibly disappointing that they just used copy and pasted the old Ken Sugimori arts onto the cards. Also with the new mobile game Pokémon Masters released this week, I'm sure both collectors and players alike would of appreciated some new art created for these popular Pokémon trainers. Thankfully the full art versions will contain unique and new artwork.

Lastly we got a look at what seems like most of the GX Tag Team Pokémon cards in Cosmic Eclipse. There are no real surprises here as they have all been in recent Japan sets or at the 2019 Pokémon World Championship, but it is still awesome to see the English scans of these cards. As a player, I am super excited to both try out Reshiram & Zekrom-GX and Arceus & Dialga & Palkia-GX as they both are big powerhouses that will likely see a ton of play in future tournaments.

Charizard Braixen GX Tag Team

The Charizard collectors will also be excited (or potentially exasperated) by the inclusion of another card in the set in the form of Charizard & Braixen-GX. With the alternate art version already confirmed for the TAG TEAM Generations Premium Collection box on November 22nd, expect also both the full art and the rainbow rare (hyper rare) versions to be in Cosmic Eclipse.

With Cosmic Eclipse set containing 22 more cards (plus who knows how many extra secret rares) than Unbroken Bonds, it will likely be slightly harder to pull the rainbow Charizard & Braixen-GX than the Reshiram & Charizard-GX. Who knows how much the card will be after the launch on November 1st, but once again don't expect it to be under $100!

Cosmic Eclipse Logo Pokemon

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Stephen Kent – Ludkins Editor

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