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Best Snorlax Ever? - Top Six Card Arts from Unbroken Bonds

Unbroken Bonds is nearly upon us with over 214 new cards to collect, including many beautiful new GXs, holos and full art trainer cards. Lets take a look at arguably six of the best new cards from this monster set, releasing worldwide on May 3rd 2019!

#6 - Mew 76/214

It's always great to see a new Mew card in any main set, but this Mew which comes in both holo rare + reverse holo versions, is particularly stunning.

The scan here doesn't do the card justice, Mew really pops out from the island foreground and will make it popular amongst fans of the Gen 1 mythical Pokémon

Players of the TCG will also appreciate that this Mew has the same "Bench Barrier" Mr.Mime from the XY series, making it a powerful defensive tech card in many decks.

#5 - Red's Challenge 213/214

Before the Red's Pikachu promo was released in Pokémon centers last year, we hadn't seen any official cards featuring the main character from the Gameboy Pokémon Green/Red/Blue video games over the past 20 years.

Now to put alongside that stunning Japanese promo we have this beautiful full art Red's Challenge card from Unbroken Bonds, featuring Red in a striking pose holding a Pokéball. 

This card will not see much tournament play straight out the gate so it might be good for collectors to wait a few weeks after the set launch on May 3rd to pick up this iconic card.

#4 - Marshadow & Machamp-GX 199/214

A few of the alternate art Tag Team GX cards have been quite hit and miss with their arts over the past few months, but I am really a big fan of this Marshadow & Machamp-GX card.

Normally fighting-type cards have the Pokémon featured in quite aggressive or battle-ready poses, where as this one features Marshadow chilling peacefully on Machamp's shoulder watching a tranquil sunset.

Additionally, as is often the case with GX cards, the text is almost positioned perfectly as not to obscure the main features of the card, which is very much appreciated.

#3 - Welder 214/214

When the regular art version of Welder was revealed in Japan, more people were excited for the text on the card than the art, being a powerful supporter to help many Fire-type and other decks.

What surprised many of us was that the full art version of the card, actually featured a female character in a striking working, and very well-defined working pose, with a fiery red background to match.

Unfortunately for collectors, this card will be a four-of in many Tier 1 tournament decks, and will be pricey straight out of the gate. One card you should pick up earlier than later if possible when the card becomes legal for play in tournaments worldwide on Friday 17th May 2019.

#2 - Reshiram & Charizard-GX 20/214

It's not often the regular version of GX cards look better than their full art or alternate art versions, but the regular 20/214 Reshiram & Charizard-GX card from Unbroken Bonds is arguably my favourite Tag Team art we've seen so far, since they were introduced in Team Up.

I love that you only see the heads and top half of both Reshiram and fan-favourite Charizard, doing their biggest attacks. The contrast between the blue and red makes for a simply gorgeous card, and reminds me very strongly of the dragons and Fire/Ice theme from HBO's award winning Game of Thrones series.

Mitsuhiro Arita knocks it out the park, proving to be once again one of the top artists in the Pokémon TCG. I personally will be wanting to get one of these signed by him at the next opportunity!

Players of the TCG will also know that this is arguably one of the strongest cards in the set, and due to being in high demand by collectors also this regular art version is already selling for $35.00 USD and above.

#1 - Snorlax 158/214 

Popular Pokémon artist Kanahei provides us with my favourite card from the set, this beautiful and distinctive Snorlax.

Kanahei's art can usually be spotted from other cards but I absolutely love Snorlax being front and centre on this one, with the two Pikachu's either side of him, and the Torchic chilling on his head.

Thankfully Pokémon Japan made this card a holo as it makes it stand out even more from other cards in the set. 

I am seriously considering getting this one PSA graded, I love everything about it!


Unbroken Bonds launches today officially (May 3rd) and features 214 cards plus secret rares! Let us know which card you are most looking forward to getting from the set on our Facebook page.


Stephen Kent - Ludkins Pro Player