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Posted: August 7th 2017 Pokemon Market Analysis

The Sun Sets on Mew Prices

In late May/early June of 2002, McDonald’s held a promotion wherein individuals could obtain sealed packs with 1 card each. In part two of the promotion, one of the cards obtainable within the sealed packs (pictured below) was the P-Promo 033, Mew. Affectionately referred to as Sunset Mew in casu...

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Posted: August 6th 2017 Pokemon Articles

$106,168.68 PSA 10 1st Base Sale: The New Buyers

There is a divide occurring in the Pokemon marketplace that it would be wise to become aware of. The hobby used to be approachable by everyone. There were no cards priced higher than a few thousand dollars each. With research, intelligence, and effort, any collector could potentially gain access...

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