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Posted: September 7th 2017 Pokemon Market Analysis

What to Make of Computer Search Prices

If you’re privy to the competitive TCG at all, you’ve seen people talking about one card: Computer Search. The Ace Spec card out of Boundaries Crossed was the most widely-used Ace Spec during its standard relevance. With the introduction of the Expanded format, it saw a slight creep back into rel...

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Posted: September 5th 2017 Pokemon Articles

Friend or Faux: A Brief Account of the Overlooked Fox

Every era of the Pokemon Trading Card Game has its own errors. But HeartGold & SoulSilver managed to come out mostly clean. Aside from HGSS Base’s “Iit” typo on Lugia LEGEND, Triumphant’s “Filp” typo on Psyduck and Weepinbell, and the well-known “Phanphy” error in Call of Legends, the era has...

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Posted: August 27th 2017 Pokemon Articles

How English Pikachu Trophy Cards are Distributed

Many people know that English Pikachu Trophy Cards are given to people who place in the top four of the Pokemon World Championships. Others may even know that these often end up in the hands of collectors who have established relationships over time with players and staff. But what is the full jo...

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