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Posted: September 17th 2017 Owner's Blog

​What is the Ludkins Collectables Marketplace?

What is the Ludkins Collectables Marketplace?When I hear marketplace I imagine a market where livestock, fruit and other commodities are for sale, or to take it a step further with a supermarket such as Tescos or Walmart. Ludkins Collectables has created an online Marketplac...

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Posted: September 12th 2017 Pokemon Articles

Opinion Time: Collection Boxes Benefit Collectors

In the last couple of years, Pokemon has made it increasingly clear that they are all in on collection boxes. Where we used to get a unique collection product once or twice a year for most of Pokemon’s TCG existence, Pokemon is now spitting out multiple collection boxes for every set. Underneath...

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Posted: September 7th 2017 Pokemon Market Analysis

What to Make of Computer Search Prices

If you’re privy to the competitive TCG at all, you’ve seen people talking about one card: Computer Search. The Ace Spec card out of Boundaries Crossed was the most widely-used Ace Spec during its standard relevance. With the introduction of the Expanded format, it saw a slight creep back into rel...

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