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Posted: June 22nd 2017 Owner's Blog

LC Owner's Blog #1

Hello all and welcome to the brand new Ludkins Collectables (LC) Marketplace. First of all, I’d like to thank everyone that helped make this happen, this includes anyone that’s supported my ambition to the users that have always believed in our brand. If it wasn’t for all of you this coul...

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Posted: June 20th 2017 Pokemon Articles

The Modern Error Card

We love errors. Well, maybe we just love to hate them. But even if our Facebook status with error cards is set to “It’s complicated,” there is something uniquely thrilling about chasing these extremely hard to find variants. After all, a true Pokemon Master ought to catch ‘em all, no?Prope...

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Posted: June 20th 2017 Pokemon Market Analysis

The Market Value of Trust

Social media has, in many different ways, been a blessing and a curse. In the world of Pokemon cards this holds particularly true. Social media has allowed some of the largest groups of commonly interested collectors and players ever to come together with some groups pushing and exceeding 20,000...

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