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Top 5 Most Expensive Hyper (Rainbow) Rare GX Pokémon Cards!

The hyper rare GX Pokémon TCG cards have been a staple of the hobby every since their introduction in 2017's Sun & Moon, with each new set containing at least six of these "rainbow rare" cards.

With the introduction of 2019's Team Up set, we've now had over 100 different Pokémon featuring on these bright cards, making them a popular group of cards for collectors to obtain outside of obtaining full sets.

Additionally I have found over the past year that hyper rare cards are often in really good condition straight from the pack, and make very good candidates for those that are looking for more affordable PSA10 Gem Mint examples of their favourite Pokémon.

As with normal GX Pokémon cards, hyper rares range in prices from $5, all the way to $230 for the most expensive of these (no guesses which!). Lets take a look at the five most expensive of these cards, based on recent ** eBay UK sold listings.

5. Lugia-GX ~ Lost Thunder ($35-45)

Despite not being as playable in tournament decks as Alolan Ninetales-GX (fairy version) and Blacephalon-GX, the Lugia-GX hyper rare card is currently the most expensive card from 2018's Lost Thunder set, sitting around the $35-45 mark.

Featuring Lugia in a rare standing pose, this card is proving popular amongst fans of the Johto legendary Pokémon, and is almost three times the price of the "full art" Lugia GX card from the same set.

4. Pikachu & Zekrom-GX ~ Team Up ($40-50)

The newest and arguably the most powerful of the hyper rare GX Pokémon in our top five has to go to Pikachu & Zekrom-GX from 2019's Team Up set.

Being the the first hyper rare card to feature fan-favourite and Pokémon main mascot Pikachu, it was always expected that this card would be pricy.

In addition to this Pikachu & Zekrom-GX has proven over the past month to be the most powerful of the new Tag Team GX cards and is seeing large amounts of play, meaning this card is proving popular amongst those that want to bling out their decks, and collectors alike.

3. Mewtwo-GX ~ Shining Legends ($60-70)

This might come as a surprise to players, as despite seeing some fringe use in Malamar decks over the past year or so, Mewtwo-GX from 2017's Shining Legends is currently one of the most expensive of all the hyper rare Pokémon GX cards.

Shining Legends is the only mini-set featured in our top five hence making the booster packs harder to obtain currently unless you buy specific collection boxes. On top of this, based on personal experiences and those at my local events, pulling the hyper rares from Shining Legends is harder than the popular Shining holo Pokémon.

Mewtwo itself is arguably a top ten fan favourite Pokémon so this combined with the above makes for a perfect storm and puts the hyper rare Mewtwo-GX as third most expensive on this list.

2. Rayquaza-GX ~ Celestial Storm ($65-75)

Doing my research for this article I was surprised to see how much value this card has retained since it's release in 2018's Celestial Storm.

Rayquaza being a "bad-ass dragon" has always been popular amongst fans and children in particular, and has made many noticeable appearances in the TCG over the past 15 years, so it's not a surprise the first hyper rare example has been so pricey.

This combined with the fact that upon its release last summer before the Pokémon World Championships in Nashville, it was one of the most hyped cards from Celestial Storm and players who like to play maximum rarity in their decks rushed to pick up four copies of this stunning card, making it harder for collectors to find.

1. Charizard-GX ~ Burning Shadows ($165-230)

Charizard GX

Last but definitely not least, leading the way with a price tag over double from #2 Rayquaza-GX, it can only be the Charizard-GX hyper rare card from 2017's Burning Shadows.

Charizard fans are notably the most ardent in the hobby and ever since it's release the hyper rare Charizard-GX has been incredibly sought after and the price of obtaining an ungraded copy has almost doubled in the past year.

Additionally it is well known that the second print run (primarily boxes from 2018) of Burning Shadows had a printing error that made all ultra rare cards have whitening and damaged straight from the packs, making it even harder to find that elusive PSA10 worthy copy.

From their original price point of around $70-90 when the set first came out, to their current high of around $230 for a mint copy, Charizard-GX is set to continue its reign as the king of the hyper rares. Who knows how much it will be this time next year if we don't get a third, higher quality reprint of Burning Shadows?


Stephen Kent - Ludkins Pro Player

** Prices are based on eBay UK sold listings as of April 2nd 2019 and are in US dollars.