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Posted: February 22nd 2018 Pokemon Articles

A Brief Look Into The French Pokemon Market

For many of us, it is apparent that the English Pokémon card market is dominant over all other printed languages. Many of us also collect Japanese cards, the original print language, but we rarely consider other foreign languages for our collections. I've always been fascinated with the Fren...

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Posted: March 6th 2018 Pokemon Articles

Collecting the Eeveelution Event Promos

Event promos are a staple of the Pokemon promo world extending all the way back to the earliest days of Pokemon. While most have been bland, a few stand out as highly desirable collectibles. Perhaps no series of the promos is as highly collectible as the 2012-2014 Eeveelution Promos.What...

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Posted: March 28th 2018 Pokemon Articles

Stephen Blog

Replacing the City Championship events in late 2016, League Cups can be hosted every three months and are the largest and most prestigious TCG tournaments that Pokémon Leagues can host.Alongside awarding large amounts of Championship Points that competitors need in order to qualify for the...

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