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Posted: September 12th 2017 Pokemon Articles

Opinion Time: Collection Boxes Benefit Collectors

In the last couple of years, Pokemon has made it increasingly clear that they are all in on collection boxes. Where we used to get a unique collection product once or twice a year for most of Pokemon’s TCG existence, Pokemon is now spitting out multiple collection boxes for every set. Underneath...

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Posted: September 5th 2017 Pokemon Articles

Friend or Faux: A Brief Account of the Overlooked Fox

Every era of the Pokemon Trading Card Game has its own errors. But HeartGold & SoulSilver managed to come out mostly clean. Aside from HGSS Base’s “Iit” typo on Lugia LEGEND, Triumphant’s “Filp” typo on Psyduck and Weepinbell, and the well-known “Phanphy” error in Call of Legends, the era has...

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The Funny Side of Scamming?

Typically we see scammers or at least potential scammers collectively on a daily basis. The Facebook scammer group will get updated every few days or there will be posts across our social media about some asshole trying to steal cards or money within the hobby that we all enjoy.

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This is why collectors grade

Ever since people started to live in settled communities, we had the sale of goods and services and those willing to purchase would do so. Back then (for the most part) the potential customer would be able to see such items in person, to feel them, to smell them and if the ite...

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