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Posted: August 4th 2017 Pokemon Articles

Time: The Crux of Success

Instagram post: Trophy card!Tweet: Check out my PSA 10 1st Base Charizard!Facebook: How bout these? ;) ($10K in cards)Snap: Mail day!Multiply this by the number of people you follow and you have the environment endured by the modern collector. Social media is incredibl...

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Posted: August 6th 2017 Pokemon Articles

$106,168.68 PSA 10 1st Base Sale: The New Buyers

There is a divide occurring in the Pokemon marketplace that it would be wise to become aware of. The hobby used to be approachable by everyone. There were no cards priced higher than a few thousand dollars each. With research, intelligence, and effort, any collector could potentially gain access...

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Posted: August 27th 2017 Pokemon Articles

How English Pikachu Trophy Cards are Distributed

Many people know that English Pikachu Trophy Cards are given to people who place in the top four of the Pokemon World Championships. Others may even know that these often end up in the hands of collectors who have established relationships over time with players and staff. But what is the full jo...

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