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Posted: June 30th 2017 Pokemon Articles

The Wild Ride of the English Championship Arena

If you heard the story of the English Championship Arena from any other source, you probably wouldn’t believe it. I can’t say I blame you. What makes the card so rare? Why is it so hard to find mint copies? How was the card even released? Let’s lay the history out and get this set in stone.

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Posted: July 5th 2017 Pokemon Articles

PayPal Account Frozen For Buying A Pokemon Card!

It's not click bait guys, this actually happened.I've been in Pokemon social media groups for some years now. It's a great way to build and get to know the community, but it's not without it's downfalls and can sometimes resemble a soap opera! - yes, the Pokemon community has drama....

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Posted: July 7th 2017 Pokemon Articles

How to Afford Expensive Cards

Collecting can be hard when you’re on a budget. The cards that are constantly hyped up are also financially out of reach for the majority of collectors. But is every expensive card completely unattainable? I say no. Here are a few steps that I firmly believe every collector can follow to end up w...

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Posted: July 10th 2017 Pokemon Articles

In a Bind? What to Consider When Choosing a Binder

As a young trainer, binders were one of my first methods of protecting all the Pokemon cards I managed to catch. I spent hundreds of hours of my young life taking cards in and out of binders, rearranging them, and sharing my precious paper Pokemon with friends, family, and anyone I could flag dow...

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Posted: July 16th 2017 Pokemon Articles

Why We Collect

Odds are, you’re here because you love to collect.Don’t worry: you’re amongst good company. It is well known that as collectors, we affix an emotional value to the items we amass--and that almost always exceeds the market value of the items. We put our time, money, and h...

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